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Nazia Raja

Islamabad - Pakistan

We met Kamran, Bilal and Mohsin on our trip to Kala Bagh. It was a one day ski trip which we enjoyed thoroughly. The company was great, the trip good fun and the activities planned awesome. The kids and all of us had a blast. Would definitely travel with the group again. Well done Team Paktripper! You guys are really good fun!. Thanks for everything.

Momina Rajpot

Islamabad - Pakistan

Excellent planning, great locations, and awesome company!

Want to travel across one of the world's most beautiful countries? Travel across Pakistan with Paktrippers :)

Waqas Ahmed

Islamabad - Pakistan

Alright....the day skiing package is amazing... Plus they customized the activities for us... Nitty gritties into details.... Paktrippers deserver 9.5/10!

Usman Hassan

Islamabad - Pakistan

A veteran of travel and a great organizer, i have done many adventures with Kamran and all have been amazing.



A very different place to visit I must say, friendly helpful people at every corner, surprisingly easy to travel as a woman -help to carry bags, own que for women at the airport if one wants, seats in public areas and buildings are left free for women and elders, it's also possible for a woman to go ahead of a long que, no one will say anything -who would have thought this before going. All cities are not the same, all from modern to more conservative ones. When it comes to the nature of this country, there is a lot to see, many places are 'untouched' by tourists and visitors, as no one seems to know they exist. The rich history of the area where Pakistan is located, must not be forgotten, so many places to see that show the traces from one of the oldest civilisations in the world. As a start, it's very easy to go from Islamabad and see it's surroundings, within a few hours in all directions, there is all from modern shopping malls, markets, museums, lakes, hill stations with vast forests and walking tracks to old remains of impressive Mughal forts. I recommend to see the capital, Islamabad, very much beautiful greenery mixed with houses not higher than two floors and a more commercial area in one end on the city where the buildings go high up. It is most uplifting taking a walk in the big park located in the center, but for a variety, why not take a two hours ride and take a walk in the nearby mountain tracks at the hill stations. I recommend to take the opportunity of visiting Pakistan!



I am a frequent visitor to Pakistan and have visited 3 times in the past 2 years. I find Pakistan a very interesting place to visit. Rich culture and history which is amazing. Forts that are 400 - 500 years old, remains of the Gandhara and the Indus civilization, Buddhist ruins all together makes a great tourism attraction. I am particularly amazed with the hospitality that the people offer. I especially like the bazaar in Peshawar. I have been to the North as well where you can find high rise mountains and a great adventurous experience over Karakoram Highway (KKH). The capital Islamabad and the bigger city Lahore, offer rich historic locations, crowded bazaars and high modern buildings. Don't miss to try out Pakistani food. It is partly spicy, but offer a great variety in all from rice dishes, stews with different vegetables and meat, and BBQ, all normally accompanied by fresh salads and thin newly baked bread. You can enjoy it in modern hotels and restaurants or at the more simple, road side driver hotels (as they call them in Pakistan). I prefer the road side hotels to enjoy the Pakistani food. Visiting Pakistan is worth every penny you spend! Highly recommended to travel with Kamran and Khurram.



Rohtasfortet ca 90 km söder om Islamabad är en imponerande borgruin. Den började byggas på 1500-talet. Omkretsen är 4 km, så ska man se allt får man anslå en heldag. Islamabad är en trevlig stad, anlagd på 1960-talet, med små butiker och hantverkare men även stora varuhus med alla tänkbara varor. Faisal moskén är en imponerande byggnad med plats för över 100000 personer. Uppe i bergen finns trevliga serveringar med utsikt över staden. Folket är gästvänliga och välkomnande, märkbar vördnad för äldre.?



Väldigt grönt å fint landskap, islamabad väldigt grön stad, fint i bergen i närheten

Marley Sal


On a backpacking trip around the world in 2013 I made a last minute decision to visit Pakistan and everyone questioned whether travelling solo as a female would be safe in a country like Pakistan given the news reports were always so negative. I was so pleased that I did come and that I did it solo too. I felt very safe. People are so hospitable in this part of the world and I never had any problems while travelling. I even took the 25 hour bus from Rawalpindi to Gilgit on the Karakoram Highway and everyone on the bus took good care of me. Pakistan is a treasure trove for tourists. There's so much to see and do. Highlights for me were Lahore and the colourful anarkali bazaar, the breathtaking scenery on the Karakoram Highway and in the Hunza Valley, and watching the local sport of polo with the mountains as a backdrop in Gilgit. I certainly haven't seen everything I want to and fully intend to come back for part 2.

Behzad Eghtesad


Between all of my travels across 30 countries by bike, Pakistan was something else... lovely people , lovely roads, this picture from Islamabad with Kamran, again thanks Kamran and hoping can see you again.

Stephan Brobst

Las Vegas

Pakistan is an amazingly rewarding place for travel - great nature, great culture, great food, and (most of all) great people!

Ian McColough


The walk from India to Pakistan was effortless boarders very quite. Short rickshaw (taxi) ride into Lahore and meet a friend whom I’d corresponded with for around 12 years. Have had an invitation to visit Pakistan ever since. Meeting Amina after all these years was inspiring & had kindly arranged local very friendly ppl for us to stay with.rickshawed into town stopping to MacDonald’s for early morning coffee, they don’t start selling breakfast till 11am,Directed to a bus stop to catch a rickshaw to explore Lahore,a lady drove over from across the street offered us a lift part of the way as was difficult finding a rickshaw so early morning. History lesson archaeologist discovered that people have been living in the Lahore Pakistan area for 4000 years from digs in & around the Lahore Fort in 1959.The Lahore fort it’s self has been built up and destroyed 13 times by various invasions since 2nd century B.C.The old city which is encompassed by high walls remains with countless bazaars inside, a woman’s shopping paradise. The museum inside had the most astounding model of the Taj Mahal made out of pure ivory & stands about 5x5x5 feet The fort is adorned as with many palaces are naturally air-conditioned, gardens as well as the normal stuff a fort needs. The Badshahi mosque built next door was built by the guy’s son who built the Taj Mahal and very similar in design and from same material just as beautiful .Have found the people wonderful and extremely friendly more than many other place that I've visited and have visited many With a love to speak freely and offer assistance at the drop of a hat the people are just so friendly. Rather inquisitive too. As the saying goes “You’ve never been born unless you’ve visited Lahore

Karin Svensson


When I think of Pakistan I remember my first evening in Lahore. I was sitting in a trendy roof bar, Rihanna and Eminem pouring out from the speakers. My Pakistani friend asked me if I wanted to go to the 3D movie. At that time (2011) I had never been to a 3D movie even in Sweden where I am from. I was thinking that my friends back home probably had an other view of Pakistan than this - that most of the people have due to media. I can recommend people to travel to Pakistan since that is an eye opener and interesting country with extremely guest friendly people. During my trip I was staying with Pakistani families who showed med around and cooked the most fantastic food, but also people on the street invited me for food or a chai. There are loads of interesting, important and complex stories to be listen to waiting for you in Pakistan. Go there! Explore by yourself!

Morten Menigmand


Pakistan, what a beauty! We traveled 2,5 months through this amazing country, crossed the desert of Baluchistan, dipped our toes into the Arabian Sea, explored fascinating cities like Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi and strolled around the gorgeous Himalayan mountains. Here is a post of our Pakistan adventures "". Hopefully many more people will be able to experience the natural beauty and the amazing hospitality of Pakistani people. Good luck Paktripper! Keep promoting your lovely country.

Ellinor Aven


We met Kamran at Paktripper 2011, before the company was founded, and I'm not surprised that he's turned his passion for outdoor activities and introducing Pakistan to travelers into an organized business. He took extremely well care of us, welcomed us into his home both in Islamabad and Lahore, showed us around and even took us to a sufi ceremony on the countryside. Unforgettable! I can highly recommend Paktripper for travellers who want to merge into the culture and nature together with knowledgeable and friendly people. Lots of love and luck from Sweden!

Denis Clijsters


I had a great time with them several years ago during my travels in Pakistan. They know the area extremely well, are fun, trustable and in general excellent hosts. I hope they will manage to find more international people to visit Pakistan and put this pearl on the map.